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Martina Pozzi MP_collages

architect & collage artist

Exhibitions & Events

March 2020.
Projects “Pleasure in a tin” in the “Dones transitant exhibition”
Centre Civic Barcelona, Barcelona

November 2019.
Projects “KOSMOS Mirada Pilot”
Centre Civic Matasi Ramis, Barcelona.
September 2019.
Projects “Monet & Brian Paterson ilustrations” and “Chicas perdidas”
Espace Monet Rolinat, Freselines, Francia.
August 2019.
Projects “La flor que llevo dentro”
MOB Caterina, Barcelona.

July 2019.
Projects “La flor que llevo dentro” at 24° edition of Stripart
Festival in Guinardò
, Barcelona

June 2018.
Collage “Amor en su medida” exposed at art fairy “MULAFEST 2018” in Madrid, with the  colective“
Mujeres que cortan y pegan”, “Miradas en femenino”.

If you want Martina to display her creations in your space, you can contact us through

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